AdvancedMD Is A Love Hate Relationship With Our New Medical Record

Electronic medical records, or EMR for short, is a big decision for your company to decide which one will be used. This should be one of the most important things you “stress” over when you start up your practice. We decided to change from Practice Fusion to AdvancedMD. This decision was one that we have been mulling over for about a year.… Read the rest

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Biggest Mistakes I Have Made Managing My Private Practice

Sometimes it is best to learn from others mistakes. Well, today let’s see if you can learn from some of my mistakes in my private practice. This blog is a raw account of what it takes to run a practice. Today I will open up about the biggest mistakes I have made so far while managing my practice. For those hoping to get some accounts on medical mistakes, you will be disappointed by this post.… Read the rest

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The 2 Year Penalty For A Medical Practice Owner

Maybe you are already a practice owner. Or maybe you are thinking of owning your own practice. Maybe you are just curious what the 2-year penalty is all about. For those of you thinking of owning your own business, congratulations! It is absolutely worth it, if you like the business side of medicine. However, there is a huge downside beyond the work that it takes to run a business.… Read the rest

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Best Practices: Your Medical Business Checking Account

I recently found out someone tried to fraudulently cash a check from my business account. I got a call from Wells Fargo, my bank, alerting me that someone in a city 4 hours away was attempting to cash a $8,955 check with my business account number on it. The check was written out to an individual, not a business. Wells Fargo immediately tagged it as fraud.… Read the rest

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Inflation In Medicine and What Future Holds For Doctors

Inflation numbers are in, and they were worse than we all thought. Inflation based on consumer price index was 7.5% for the past 12 months as of January 2022. If you follow the consumer price index, CPI, then you can see that inflation has been on a tear lately.

This has potential to be huge implications for practicing physicians. Spoiler alert, things do not look good.… Read the rest

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Breakdown Of Spending For Our Medical Practice 2021

It is expensive to run a medical practice, but have you ever wondered how expensive? At the end of every year, I do a breakdown to see where we might be able to save money. Maybe you’ll find it of some interest.

In an effort to help those of you who are deciding on possibly starting your own practice, let us take a look at my breakdown of where money was spent in 2021 in my practice.… Read the rest

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Mistakes To Avoid When Interviewing For a Physician Job

I’ve been trying to hire a new physician to join my practice. I wanted to share some of the bad behavior that we have experienced while interviewing for a physician job posting. Some of this may be self-explanatory or obvious. Other examples below might not be so obvious. Others are just sad or funny.

Below is our list of things that have prevented us from offering a job to a physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner to join our practice.… Read the rest

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Financial Losses For The Medical Practice

Let us have a post that looks closer at the “cost of doing business.” Also called financial losses for medical practices.

You may have heard this term before, but it is essentially the financial hit that one takes while running a business.

Every company has these costs. Think of the last time you were at a restaurant, and they messed up your order.… Read the rest

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Avoiding Burnout In Private Practice

Like many physicians, I started to feel burnout this past 6 months. Patients more than ever have been demanding various different things from me. Each demand seemed to chip away at my happiness in the profession. This ranges from getting yelled at demanding to change our mask policy to patients messaging me arguing why do they have to pay for a visit when they can see their lab results on Quest.… Read the rest

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