How To Avoid Being Rug Pulled By Private Equity

The term rug pull became popular again with crypto. It is a phrase that describes when the owners of shares suddenly sell a majority stake. They do so without the other individuals knowledge who are invested in that asset. This has been happening more often than you might think in medicine with groups selling to PE (Private Equity).

How are doctors being rug pulled by PE right now?… Read the rest

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The Federal Student Loan Relief Program Is Live

The Department of Education on 10/17/2022 launched the application for the federal student loan forgiveness program. Borrowers who qualify may see relief in as soon as 6 weeks. While most attendings that have been practicing a while will not qualify, this will be important for residents, fellows, and APPs.

What is Federal Student Loan Debt Relief?

A program that provides eligible borrowers with full or partial discharge of federal loans up to $20,000 to Federal Pell Grant recipients and up to $10,000 to non-Pell Grant recipients

What Does It Take To Qualify For Federal Student Loan Relief?

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RVU Based Contracts And What To Avoid

Flat salary compensation models are becoming less common. Instead, production models have become much more popular. These contracts are often called an RVU based contract. Today’s post I will go through RVU based contracts and what you need to know to avoid in these contracts.


When you submit a bill to insurance companies, they assign a value to each code.… Read the rest

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Things I Wish I Would Have Known Graduating Residency

There is a lot of growth and change required from when a doctor is in training to being an attending. Often there is a lot of stress that goes along with this change. The feeling of being out on your own, no safety net of your program anymore is a weird feeling when you first make that transition.

I wanted to look back at the things that I wish I would have known upon graduating residency about the practice of medicine or my life post-graduation.… Read the rest

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When The Amount Of Medical School Debt Seems Hopeless

Graduating from residency or fellowship with large amount of student debt can feel a lot like standing in front of a mountain. It’s hard to see the end when the debt load is overwhelming. Most of the people I know who have over a quarter million in debt fall into one of two categories. The first group is individuals who feel that the amount of medical school debt seems hopeless.… Read the rest

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REPAYE vs PAYE for Medical Students and Doctors

One of the most common questions that medical students, residents, or fellows will ask is should I use REPAYE or PAYE? These two programs seem to be the most popular plans available with IBR being a close third. Determining what plan is right for you could save you thousands of dollars if unable to use the standard repayment plan or refinance for lower interest rate.… Read the rest

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When To Delay Contributing To Retirement Accounts

There are several occasions when it may make sense to delay contributing to tax advantaged retirement accounts. Tax advantaged retirement accounts include plans such as a 401k, or an IRA. For most people, it is in their best interest to invest in these retirement accounts. However for certain situations, it may actually make sense to delay contributing to these retirement accounts.… Read the rest

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Completing A Financial Fellowship

In many ares of medicine, there is the ability to undergo additional training for specialization. For most specialties, additional training via fellowship usually means increased income. One example of increased income is a physician who completed an internal medicine residency and then goes on to complete a cardiology fellowship.

Internal medicine is a 3 year program. Cardiology is at minimum another 3 years of fellowship beyond internal medicine training.… Read the rest

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The Social Security Paycheck Bonus

This year I’ve finally made enough money to reach the Social Security contribution cutoff. The Social Security paycheck bonus occurs when an individual makes more than $127,200 per year. Any income beyond this amount no longer has taxes taken out for Social Security. New attendings who scrutinize their paycheck may notice a nice bump up in the take home pay when this threshold is reached.… Read the rest

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Having a child while still in residency or medical school

Choosing to have a child while in medical school or residency is a difficult decision to make. Entering into the medical profession and raising a kid both take a lot of effort. The average age of a medical student or resident usually ranges from mid 20’s to mid 30’s. This age also coincides with the most popular time to have a baby.… Read the rest

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