When The Amount Of Medical School Debt Seems Hopeless

Graduating from residency or fellowship with large amount of student debt can feel a lot like standing in front of a mountain. It’s hard to see the end when the debt load is overwhelming. Most of the people I know who have over a quarter million in debt fall into one of two categories. The first group is individuals who feel that the amount of medical school debt seems hopeless.… Read the rest

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How To Find Scholarships For Medical School

One way to minimize debt is to obtain scholarships for medical school. There are two main reasons why my student debt was lower than the average doctor. First, I went to a less expensive medical school. Second, I was able to get more than 35,000 dollars in scholarships for medical school. Not one of the scholarships came easy. Each one took a lot of effort to find.… Read the rest

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REPAYE vs PAYE for Medical Students and Doctors

One of the most common questions that medical students, residents, or fellows will ask is should I use REPAYE or PAYE? These two programs seem to be the most popular plans available with IBR being a close third. Determining what plan is right for you could save you thousands of dollars if unable to use the standard repayment plan or refinance for lower interest rate.… Read the rest

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Fun Friday: Doctors That Game

On an occasional Friday I plan on change the mood a little by posting something fun with a financial twist. These post will be lighthearted to focus on activities rather than investing or personal finance. This post I would like to focus on gaming and its ability to bring doctors together with a short mention of the financial implications.

Doctors That Game

Gaming has come along way since my first regular Nintendo console.… Read the rest

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Having a child while still in residency or medical school

Choosing to have a child while in medical school or residency is a difficult decision to make. Entering into the medical profession and raising a kid both take a lot of effort. The average age of a medical student or resident usually ranges from mid 20’s to mid 30’s. This age also coincides with the most popular time to have a baby.… Read the rest

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Top Ten Expenses During Residency and Medical School

I have been tracking my expenses for years with excel files and PDF’s. The benefit of this is it gives me an ability to look back and see where I was able to save, and where I had large expenses. Both medical school and residency were filled with opportunity to spend large sums of money. In this post, I take a look back at some of the largest expenses during medical school and residency.… Read the rest

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