The Federal Student Loan Relief Program Is Live

The Department of Education on 10/17/2022 launched the application for the federal student loan forgiveness program. Borrowers who qualify may see relief in as soon as 6 weeks. While most attendings that have been practicing a while will not qualify, this will be important for residents, fellows, and APPs.

What is Federal Student Loan Debt Relief?

A program that provides eligible borrowers with full or partial discharge of federal loans up to $20,000 to Federal Pell Grant recipients and up to $10,000 to non-Pell Grant recipients

What Does It Take To Qualify For Federal Student Loan Relief?

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RVU Based Contracts And What To Avoid

Flat salary compensation models are becoming less common. Instead, production models have become much more popular. These contracts are often called an RVU based contract. Today’s post I will go through RVU based contracts and what you need to know to avoid in these contracts.


When you submit a bill to insurance companies, they assign a value to each code.… Read the rest

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Having a child while still in residency or medical school

Choosing to have a child while in medical school or residency is a difficult decision to make. Entering into the medical profession and raising a kid both take a lot of effort. The average age of a medical student or resident usually ranges from mid 20’s to mid 30’s. This age also coincides with the most popular time to have a baby.… Read the rest

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Top Ten Expenses During Residency and Medical School

I have been tracking my expenses for years with excel files and PDF’s. The benefit of this is it gives me an ability to look back and see where I was able to save, and where I had large expenses. Both medical school and residency were filled with opportunity to spend large sums of money. In this post, I take a look back at some of the largest expenses during medical school and residency.… Read the rest

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Rant: Residency was not harder back in your day

As a new attending, I don’t believe I can go a week or two without some older physician telling me how much harder things were when they trained. This seems to come up as a natural progression when someone notices that I’m new and asked where I trained. Soon after I reply comes the comments about how their training was somehow more difficult.… Read the rest

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Why medical students do not match

Its that time of year again where resident physicians are matching to fellowship and medical students are winding down their interviews to create their rank list. I remember this part of my medical career quite well. I was very excited for the upcoming change for more responsibility and actually become a doctor, but at the same time terrified that I might not match.… Read the rest

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Why Doctors Need A Budget

No matter how much money someone makes its always important to have a budget (MC Hammer blew $33 Million dollars and subsequently filed for bankruptcy). The time to develop a budget is not when you feel that you “need” one upon graduating residency, but its when you start managing your own money as a young adult. Knowing where each dollar is made and where each dollar is spent will give you the knowledge to live within your means and avoid financial hardship.… Read the rest

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How I Made Extra Money During Residency

The budget and life of a resident physician often leave little room for wants and free time. My budget before I started moonlighting and other means of income was only $200 of discretionary income which is a frightening low cushion. I was able to make some extra money in residency by using some of the methods as below. Of course not all of these methods may be an option for you, however, if so they are good ways to increase disposable income.… Read the rest

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