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I am a physician in central Texas that specializes in Internal Medicine who started my own practice. I have a beautiful wife, two kids, and a dog named Duke (see picture). Money has always been an important topic in my family, especially since there was often a struggle to make ends meet when I was young. Though I wouldn’t wish poverty on anyone, this time in my life required that I keep a budget and prioritize spending at a much younger age than many of my peers. As I became older throughout high school and college, I took jobs to help support the family and have a little spending cash for myself. Working throughout my young adulthood in addition to obtaining scholarships allowed me to graduate from college debt free.

I graduated medical school in 2013 with a little over $100,000 in debt, my first debt that I had ever taken on. There was also an expensive learning experience along the way as I moved all my belongings into my parents house after college but before medical school. One night their house was struck by lightning burning all of my and their items that were in the house for a total loss. Luckily no one was hurt, and they had insurance for the house, but I did not have insurance for any of my belongings yielding a total loss for me financially just months before starting medical school.

During residency I wanted to take control of my personal finances and created a budget to get out of debt as quickly as possible. I was able to moonlight and paid down by debt to approximately $84,000.  This blog will be devoted to my journey to financial independence as a new attending and posts about investing, personal finance, and retirement savings along the way. I hope you enjoy the blog. Thank you for visiting!

Duke looking for squirrels in the backyard
Duke in the backyard

Updated: 2/2022