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Blogs That I Have Come Across, Follow

Andrea Tooley (lifestyle / Geared towards Med Students)

BigLaw Investor (Financial)

Dads Dollars Debts (Financial) Has not been updated since 2019

Doctor Grumpy (humor)

Future Proof MD (Financial)

KevinMD (News/Blog)

Dr. Mike Sevilla (Blog)

NielMD (Blog)

Passive Income MD (Financial)

Physician On Fire (Financial)

Retired Docs Thoughts (Blog)

RK (Resident Physician @ Baylor. Blog)

Skeptical Scalpel (Blog) Stopped blogging in 2021

Sutured For a Living (crafts)

Dr. Wes (Opinion / Blog)

White Coat Investor (Financial)

ZDoggMD (Humor)

33 Charts (Blog)


The Boss MD (Financial) appears to no longer be active 2022

Freelance MD (News/Blog) appears to no longer be active 2022

Mike Levare (Blog, Med Student) appears to no longer be active 2022

Vital Physician (Physician who switched to administration but website link stopped working 2022)




Student Doctor Forum

Combination of news, blogs, and guest authors:


Fierce Healthcare

Physician’s Money Digest

EKG Review


Life in the fast lane


Swap and Snooze (A website for medical students / residents that provides hosts who are also medical students or residents to stay with during interviews)

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