Best Practices: Your Medical Business Checking Account

I recently found out someone tried to fraudulently cash a check from my business account. I got a call from Wells Fargo, my bank, alerting me that someone in a city 4 hours away was attempting to cash a $8,955 check with my business account number on it. The check was written out to an individual, not a business. Wells Fargo immediately tagged it as fraud.… Read the rest

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Poor Financial Decisions by Students and Doctors

As a resident and even medical student there were no shortage of poor, sometimes borderline nonsense financial decisions by my colleagues. Since I’m pointing the finger at others, I will also admit that I am not totally immune. I made one poor financial decision (spent more on vacation that I should have). This post will explore some of the comment ways that we blow money and why they are often poor decisions.… Read the rest

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Financial Advice to Medical Students

What financial advice I wish I would have known before starting residency


Today is a very special day, its the day that I am no longer in residency and have graduated to an attending. Now that I have graduated with a plan to aggressively pay off debt and increase retirement contributions I wanted to take a minute to look back at what financial advice I would have like to received when I was a pre-med or medical student.… Read the rest

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