How To Find Scholarships For Medical School

One way to minimize debt is to obtain scholarships for medical school. There are two main reasons why my student debt was lower than the average doctor. First, I went to a less expensive medical school. Second, I was able to get more than 35,000 dollars in scholarships for medical school. Not one of the scholarships came easy. Each one took a lot of effort to find.… Read the rest

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REPAYE vs PAYE for Medical Students and Doctors

One of the most common questions that medical students, residents, or fellows will ask is should I use REPAYE or PAYE? These two programs seem to be the most popular plans available with IBR being a close third. Determining what plan is right for you could save you thousands of dollars if unable to use the standard repayment plan or refinance for lower interest rate.… Read the rest

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When To Delay Contributing To Retirement Accounts

There are several occasions when it may make sense to delay contributing to tax advantaged retirement accounts. Tax advantaged retirement accounts include plans such as a 401k, or an IRA. For most people, it is in their best interest to invest in these retirement accounts. However for certain situations, it may actually make sense to delay contributing to these retirement accounts.… Read the rest

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One Year Post Residency Financial Update

There is no better time than now to give a financial snapshot of what life looks like one year post graduation. One year ago, I graduated from residency and was anxiously wondering how things were going to work out. I signed a contract with no guaranteed income which had me worried if I would make as much money as I hoped for. … Read the rest

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Seven Months Post Residency I Finally Reached A Positive Net Worth

After seven years, I’ve finally done it. I’m back to having a positive net worth. The last time I had a positive net worth was in the year prior to medical school. I have to say it feels good to climb out of the hole and start to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Here is a synopsis of my past net worth and how I got to where I am today.… Read the rest

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Refinance Student Loans With One of These Banks

I started residency with $110,000 in student debt at 6.8%. Since I knew that I wanted to get out of debt as quickly as possible and was unlikely to work for a hospital in my area that qualified for public service student loan forgiveness, I decided to refinance my loans. I refinanced my loans at an interest rate of 3.3% to save $11,500 over 3 years.… Read the rest

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My Retirement Mistake In Residency

Retirement is something that, for the average resident, is rarely on their mind unless someone takes a special interest in personal finance and investing. On day one of residency new residents are often more concerned with student loans and preforming well during ones training than saving for retirement. My orientation included a week of lectures, some more interesting than others. One hour of these lecture was filled discussing retirement.… Read the rest

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The Student Loan Repayment Guide

There are many different types of student loan repayment plans available to borrowers while in residency and fellowship. This post will explore all the different options, the terms of the repayment plans that are now available and which one may be best suited for you.

Being accepted into medical school is the start of an often times long and fruitful career in many aspects.… Read the rest

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Average Amount of Debt for Graduating Doctors

One of the most exciting times in a young doctors life is getting that acceptance letter from a medical school. However, soon after comes the worry from the new medical student and even possibly their parents about how they will pay for their medical education.

MD on Credit

I still recall my days of filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and applying for student aid.… Read the rest

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