RVU Based Contracts And What To Avoid

Flat salary compensation models are becoming less common. Instead, production models have become much more popular. These contracts are often called an RVU based contract. Today’s post I will go through RVU based contracts and what you need to know to avoid in these contracts.


When you submit a bill to insurance companies, they assign a value to each code.… Read the rest

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Quiet Quitting And Time Theft Issues With Employees

I really love all my employees. However, sometimes employees will try to take a mile if you give them an inch. Running a business is hard, and with the rise of quiet quitting, I figured it might be important to talk about ways that employees may try to take advantage of you or your business.

Some of these issues might seem harmless.… Read the rest

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The Most Expensive Real Estate Bankruptcy by a Doctor

The rise in real estate prices from 2013 to 2022 has been historic. However, for some cities that have been spared the big drop in 2008 values, the rise in home values has been dramatic. For example, the house we just sold more than doubled its selling price in the four years since we bought it. This got me thinking, what might be coming for doctors who are highly leveraged in real estate?… Read the rest

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Why The Rate Negotiation Process With Insurance Companies Is Broken

With inflation reaching record levels, many medical practices are going through the rate negotiation process with insurance companies trying to get better pay. If you have never done this before, that’s okay. I was new to it also until a few years ago. Let me tell you the theme of dealing with commercial insurance companies for rate negotiations. Intentionally difficult and broken.… Read the rest

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AdvancedMD Is A Love Hate Relationship With Our New Medical Record

Electronic medical records, or EMR for short, is a big decision for your company to decide which one will be used. This should be one of the most important things you “stress” over when you start up your practice. We decided to change from Practice Fusion to AdvancedMD. This decision was one that we have been mulling over for about a year.… Read the rest

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Biggest Mistakes I Have Made Managing My Private Practice

Sometimes it is best to learn from others mistakes. Well, today let’s see if you can learn from some of my mistakes in my private practice. This blog is a raw account of what it takes to run a practice. Today I will open up about the biggest mistakes I have made so far while managing my practice. For those hoping to get some accounts on medical mistakes, you will be disappointed by this post.… Read the rest

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