Build The Life You Want, Not The Bank Account You Want

It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture with investing. While building investment portfolios, sometimes it’s easy to forget to build the life you want, not the bank account you want. Like many others, I love reading other blogs focused on early retirement, financial independence, or frugal living. In fact, I enjoy it so much that I started this website to help others with personal finance and investing.… Read the rest

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A Caution For Doctors Entering Into A RVU Based Contract

Doctors’ paychecks are often structured in one of three ways. Salary only, salary plus incentive bonuses, or production only. RVU (Relative value unit) is a method the United States Medicare system uses to value reimbursement for physician services. Some physician contracts, such as my contract, is 100% based on production, or how many RVU’s I bill for.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each system.  … Read the rest

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Financial Impostor Syndrome Post Graduation

It’s that time of year where newly graduated physicians have started their first job as an attending.  The sudden change is in many ways as drastic as entering medical school. Suddenly, there are a whole new set of problems to conquer and a feeling that, just maybe, other people are better than you at tackling these problems.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then consider yourself lucky.… Read the rest

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The Golden Handcuffs For Doctors – Loan Forgiveness

Graduating doctors often have a significant problem to overcome – student loan debt. Many new doctors will not consider a job unless there is some form of debt repayment or ability for debt forgiveness. Jobs that offer debt repayment can end up being a golden handcuff that keeps new doctors attached to their job for potentially longer than they would like.… Read the rest

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When The Amount Of Medical School Debt Seems Hopeless

Graduating from residency or fellowship with large amount of student debt can feel a lot like standing in front of a mountain. It’s hard to see the end when the debt load is overwhelming. Most of the people I know who have over a quarter million in debt fall into one of two categories. The first group is individuals who feel that the amount of medical school debt seems hopeless.… Read the rest

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Website Review: Hello Money To Compare Investments

Investors enjoy looking forward to future gains. The past can have little to do with predicting the future. However, it’s fun to play with some statistics to see how a portfolio would have fared in previous boom or bust cycles. A website aims to put a little perspective on portfolios. For investor, I find it interesting to see how a portfolio would have fared in a boom or bust cycle.… Read the rest

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When To Delay Contributing To Retirement Accounts

There are several occasions when it may make sense to delay contributing to tax advantaged retirement accounts. Tax advantaged retirement accounts include plans such as a 401k, or an IRA. For most people, it is in their best interest to invest in these retirement accounts. However for certain situations, it may actually make sense to delay contributing to these retirement accounts.… Read the rest

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Completing A Financial Fellowship

In many ares of medicine, there is the ability to undergo additional training for specialization. For most specialties, additional training via fellowship usually means increased income. One example of increased income is a physician who completed an internal medicine residency and then goes on to complete a cardiology fellowship.

Internal medicine is a 3 year program. Cardiology is at minimum another 3 years of fellowship beyond internal medicine training.… Read the rest

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Is Entrepreneurship Still Possible For New Doctors

The word entrepreneur in the past decade has seemed to take on a very different meaning, especially for new doctors. Two to three decades ago, being a doctor who was an entrepreneur often meant having a practice that was physician owned with a focus on growing this practice. Fast forward to today and many new physicians think of medicine and entrepreneurship as something that may no longer be possible for them.  … Read the rest

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What Entrepreneurs Can Teach Doctors

The popular TV show, Shark Tank, is a Hollywood snapshot of what some entrepreneurs go through in order to get to market. Yes, we all know that there are a lot of made for Hollywood moments. However, behind those dramatized moments are often stories of a struggle to build their dream.

My family is made up of various entrepreneurs. Each one started a company that could be described as a blue-collar industry.… Read the rest

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