A new phase: Monk Mode

The phrase has been adopted by several groups since made popular in the early 2000’s. Monk mode is defined as “The state of being completely focused on and only on training.” The purpose of this phase is to rid oneself of distractions and get back to the core of whats important to that persons life. With my previous post as a primer, I have since decided to give monk mode a try to help focus on the important aspects of my life and get rid of distractions.

Monk Mode Essentials

  • Downsize apartment to what is necessary
  • No frivolous spending
  • Stress budget and sticking to it
  • Double spending on retirement and savings
  • Spend time on physical and spiritual health
  • Give back


My New Room
My New Room


After spending some time in Haiti, Germany, and back in my hometown I’ve realized that family, work, and giving back should be the priority at this stage in my life. I’ve also been close to someone who was recently diagnosed and treated for breast cancer at age 32. This has opened my eyes that through residency I was so focused on the future and sometimes forgot about the present Monk mode will help maintain in the present while saving for the future.

Whats Next

Though the room is small, its large enough for my bed with one night stand. You’ll notice no room for TV or other distractions. In order to go full on Monk Mode the person that I will be living with is also on board as is my fiancee. My rent will be $800 a month all bills included. With my excess time not wasted on TV I have been looking into volunteering at homeless shelters. I have also purchased a new bike since I’m not much of a runner. I’m very excited about this new phase and plan to post an update around Christmas time when the temptation to spend will be in high gear.

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